The Disabled Police Officers Association was formed in 1983, the objective being to promote the relief and benefit of the members of the DPOANI, who had received personal injury whether physical or mental whilst serving in the RUC, RUCR, or PSNI by the provision of rehabilitation with the object of preserving and protecting the health of and improving the conditions of it’s members.

The criteria to become a member was that a member must have received a permanent serious injury whilst on duty. The injury must be assessed  by the Force Medical Officer to a degree of not less than 35% or 20% by the Industrial Injuries Board of the Social Services.

Because of Charity registration purposes our membership criteria has had to change to meet current regulations. On the 28th October 2015 an EGM was held at the Silverbirch Hotel Omagh, at which amendments to the article of association where passed, by a majority of those attending.

Membership of the DPOANI is now open to any Officer who suffers from an illness whether physical or mental and does not have to be as a result of an injury on duty. It is hoped that we can attract new members and welcome back those members who had to leave the association while we where in the process of working with the statutory bodies, who helped us with our restructuring.

Anyone interested in becoming a member, should apply to the office for a membership form. As well as your Police details we will need either your injury on duty confirmation, Industrial Injuries Board details or a letter from your Doctor confirming your illness. Although the office is not manned full-time, you can leave your details on our answer phone, email us or write in and someone from the Board of Directors will be in touch.



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