Employment Support Allowance (ESA) replaced Incapacity Benefit (IC) in 2008
Under schedule 3 of the 2006 Regs there is a list of allowances which are deductible from an IoD Pension. IC was on this schedule but ESA was never placed on it.
Despite this Pensions Branch decided to deduct it anyway.

After a long battle NIPB have now instructed Pensions Branch to cease deductions of EAS wef 1st May 2016.
The good news is that members receiving ESA will have seen a rise in their IoD pensions from 1st May.
The bad news is that the Dept. of Justice, will at some stage request MLA’s to pass a regulation making ESA a deductible allowance.

We have been assured by NIPB that when this happens there will be no retrospection back to May 2016. There has been no comment from NIPB on our request in respect of payments from 2008 to May 2016.

Rest assured that the Injury on Duty Sub-Committee will monitor the situation closely, including Home Office Rulings. Depending on what legislation is put in place, will determine our future actions.

We will ensure our members get the best possible results.



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