Woman bemused after date ‘stands her up’ for 45 minutes while she’s in his home

Woman bemused after date ‘stands her up’ for 45 minutes while she’s in his home

Being stood up is truly mortifying – but especially when you’re sat in your date’s house with no idea where they’ve gone or what to do.

Sadly, fashion influencer Hannah Robinson was left sat twiddling her thumbs as she claimed she was stood up while she was in her date’s house.

Hannah seemed to be sitting alone on her date’s sofa before the video zoomed in on the door her date must’ve gone through – but he never returned.

she wrote the message: “Can you be stood up at their house?

“Like he went in there and it’s been 45 minutes of silence.”

She then mentioned in the video caption that she was going to wait for another half an hour, and then leave, because she didn’t know where her date had gone.

In the comments, people were questioning what Hannah was doing and why she was prepared to wait so long.

One wrote: “So he’s gone for 45 minutes and you didn’t already leave, and then you’re staying an extra 30?”

“He’s waiting for you to follow him lol”, one suggested.

“You sat there… for 45 minutes?”, someone questioned.

Another added: “The boys called, he’s playing video games.”

“He on the phone with his girlfriend,” someone joked, whilst someone said: “Maybe he’s wearing leather pants and it’s hot.”

It turns out that the date was indeed waiting in his room for her to join him – but he waited a very long time.

In a subsequent video, Hannah explained that she went into her date’s room about 10 minutes after posting the original video.

There, she was shocked to find her date naked on his bed – and it appeared he was looking to make the most of their alone time before she left – yikes.